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Welcome to our Podcast page.  Episodes are listed below, with the most recent episode at the top, and older shows on the bottom.  You are welcome to read our blog at


Nov 28, 2019

Episode 49 Jeffrey Kjellberg is our guest as we discuss his new book, Imagining a New Church. We discuss how the Christian Church got to its current point as well as some options for moving forward.

Jeff's Author website is

Kairos website


Nov 25, 2019

In Episode 48, We listen to Chapter 8 "Sleep" from the book Everyday Spirituality


Nov 17, 2019

Chapter 7 Spend from the AudioBook Everyday Spirituality. We explore how money is EVERYWHERE in our lives, and how its use is an expression of our spirituality.


Nov 11, 2019

A Conversation with Charles Lane author of Ask, Thank, Tell and the new book Reflections on Faith & Finances.



Nov 3, 2019

We listen to Chapter Six "Move" from the Audio Book Everyday Spirituality: Discover a Life of Hope, Peace, and Meaning.

The full audiobook is now available everywhere as a digital download.