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Welcome to our Podcast page.  Episodes are listed below, with the most recent episode at the top, and older shows on the bottom.  You are welcome to read our blog at


Sep 30, 2019

Everyday Spirituality Episode 40. We continue our read through the Audiobook version of the book.  This is chapter 1 "Breathe". The full Audiobook will be released later this month in October 2019.


Sep 24, 2019

Everyday Spirituality Episode 39.

This show features the start of a series in which I release the audiobook version of my newly released book Everyday Spirituality. This episode features the introduction to the book, which in many ways sets the tone for the whole work.

We'll be working our way through the book every...

Sep 14, 2019

Earlier this Fall, Dwight Zscheile, a professor at Luther Seminary authored an article/blog post titled "Will the ELCA be around in 30 years?"  That article features some research the reveals the dramatic decline of the ELCA projected from 2017 to 2050.  

In this episode of the Everyday Spirituality Show we sit...